Roland N. Mfondoum

13 years plus overall IT expert career with 10 years at the international level including 6 years with the United Nations. Currently working since 2013 as a Telecommunication Engineer for the Comprehensive Nuclear-test-ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO) in Vienna, Austria; Have earned while working full-time a Masters’ degree in Information Systems Management with The University of Liverpool (2014). Believe in solutions born from the integration of Information Systems and Telecommunication such as mobile money, digital money, Unified communications and anything of such kind. Hold many professional certifications in Networking, Unified Communications, Project management and data analysis. Currently developing big data analytics and data science background which will certainly drive the way business is done tomorrow. VOICETONE LLC start-up is an attempt to put all this together.

Wagramerstrasse 5, A1400,
Vienna, Austria

Tel: +4369914596514